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16 May 2007

India-Shining, Rising, Uprising-II

But on May 11th, it was in U.P. where the REAL celebrations took place. The election results announcement took all of the media space and, what better way to commemorate a fight for freedom than the best show of democracy!

Anyone who missed the live coverage of the UP elections truly missed something very special. At least that is how I feel after having watched it.

Overall it has been interesting times- the French elections; the US presidential debates;In U K , Tony Blair out -Gordon Brown in and, our very own elections in UP.

In the heartland of India's largest state where women are by and large in purdah, a woman, from the lower caste, with no pretensions to sophisticated qualification or degrees or mannerisms, managed to build a majority across caste-based divisions and clocked a milestone by winning the largest majority in 14 years.

It was Indian Politics and Democracy at it's superb best. It was so exciting, that if I were a money lender like in a Hindi movie, I'd be rubbing my hands in glee at the sight of gold coins. I don't claim to understand politics or economics and what makes me happy is not that it will mean a better governance or development.It is just the mere thought, that if this is what India can acheive with current rate of literacy, atrocities against women, corruption and crime- Imagine, when we achieve higher rates of education, literacy and social development, what a vibrant country we will be!

When that happens, India can well be at the edge of a second age of renaissance in the history of the world. The golden era which we have only heard of or read in books- a land of milk and honey, art and learning, ethics and justice.

The "daal, daal pe sone ki chidiya kare basera" wala - Yeh Mera Indiya.

But really, Only Time (and seasons and cycles). The ultimate and final judge, lawyer, jury, hangman.

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