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15 May 2007

India- Shining, Rising, Uprising

When they say time takes a new meaning in India, I understand completely. The one day of Brahma;the concept of Kala; marriage means seven lives together; and about a century and a half to decide to declare a celebration. Or let's be precise and fair, half a century A.I. After Independence.

In India, There is nothing like late and never. It all happens. May 11th was to commemorate 150 years of the 1857 revolt. The day before, there were cultural programmes in the Parliament House, rallies by Youth and on 11th the main celebrations.

On the topic of 1857, I thought in the glorious Indian tradition of debate, this note from The Telegraph presents another viewpoint.

I was directed to it from churumuri. On Churumuri, don't miss the posts on Reliance and Retail poll/story.

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