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25 May 2007

Happily ever after

There is some new commercial on TV where two small children, all of 4 or 5, maybe 6 year olds, a little boy and girl are visiting near a dam. The boy obviously wanting to impress, tells the little girl, Look, I built this BIG dam, evidently enjoying the shining admiration it evokes in her eyes. How did you do such a task she asks with her eyes still saucers. Simple, he shrugs, I just put one stone on top of another. And then he surreptiously peeks at a watch on his wrist. He has timed the water flow, and he tells his companion, Look the water flows when I command. One, Two , Three! And Lo Behold, the water burst's forth. Does the little girl jump and clap her hands, I'm not quite sure and the ad is for an infrastructure company. The voice over with the tag line does not register, because I am thinking bemusedly, They sure do start young don't they? Why Men lie and Women Cry!

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