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31 May 2007

Farmer in the den

India has clocked the highest ever GDP growth in 2006-07, highest in the past 18 years. What a matter of pride. Even as we acheive this new milestone, the latest tally on the farmers death in the state is given by the Hindustan Times. Sadly, increasing numbers don't make it more horrifying. Like dowry death or infanticide, even one case is a matter for shame. I had spoken about farmer suicides in my earlier post.

Since then I have had the chance to read more erudite posts on two blogs, one by Ajay Shah and the othe by Ajit Balakrishnan which analyse the issues in more detail.

While cotton farmers commit suicide in Maharashtra, sugarcane farmers in south have a different cup of woe. The sugar cane farmers have to apply for a permit to cut their crops. Permit? And this time it has happenned that the application has been made in December and even after months it not yet received. What is the farmer to do - except watch helplesly as his crop goes waste?

As the PM is speking of more focus to the Agri Sector, hopefully all the anamolies will get addressed.

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