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28 May 2007

Art & Science of Innovation

I'm currently reading "Payback: Reaping the Rewards of Innovation" by James Andrew & Hal Sirkin that has been named as one of the Top Business Books of the year 2006. Reading it triggered some memories of another book and I pulled it out from my bookshelf and re-read "Breakthroughs" by Dr. Ranganath Nayak. At the end of these two books, I really felt it was a trip through the both the art and science of Innovation. I feel very happy to have met the authors of both books in person. Such sharp minds. And yet who carry their stature lightly, with a wonderful sense of humour and a keen interest in all around them.

CNBC had a series too on the topic of Innovation with inputs from leading minds on the topic. Their site is quite nice with podcasts and transcripts available. So all in all, it has been a very interesting Spring-Summer of Innovation!

Now just waiting for it to rain. It has hit Kerala, which means the monsoon is officially on! Oh lovely lovely rains. Barsaat, Baarish, Paus, Maley, Like the word mother-in any language it sounds just as sweet.

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