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23 April 2007

Shanghai and Singapore

That the red buses are back on road after the strike is a relief for the millions of passengers who travel everyday by it.

For me too. I love conspiracy theories and I cannot say how relieved I am that it was not some sinister devious plan by the construction and building industry to hog the BEST depot land space too.

After all, after the ponds, lakes, the public gardens, the mangroves, the hill and hillock blasted out in and around Mumbai, only suspended air space is left for the builders to take over.

I really don't understand why we are interested in shanghaing Mumbai when we have the choice of Singaporing. What a little island nation city of Singapore has acheived solely by becoming a Knowledge economy!

Gardens, parks, aquariums, public transport all co-exist with modern malls and housing. Modern art with Heritage preservation; canals and water spaces with hills and highways.

If at all we need any aspirational examples, the best cities are those that have learnt the art and science of how to preserve their unique identity and are constantly innovating as knowledge cities.

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