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10 April 2007

Seasons in the sun

Like fashion has "seasons" I have the same when it comes to food.

My food habits follow phases such as for days on end when I like one particular "genre". Sometimes it is chinese, or continental, then it is street food or then south Indian and such. Currently the summer heat dictates much of what I eat, and I am in what I refer to, as a Ghar ka khana phase- where I prefer whatever it is as long as it is home cooked.

The small packet introduced by ITC of ready cooking paste caught my eye on the supermarket shelf-it reminded me of my ITC ready to cook (RTC) meals phase last year. It was when I was too tired to cook, not to well to eat out and everything the maid cooked looked suspicously oily. RTC it was till the phase passed. The paste priced at a reasonable Rs. 10 is a ready- to- add paste for curry. I tried it for a simple veg biryani and it was good value for money.

So ITC masala paste, this season- IN. Foodland Brown Bread- OUT. It contains margarine. No point ingesting margarine in an effort to avoid white flour!

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