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7 April 2007


This is not about about Mira Nair's movie or Jhumpa Lahiri’s novel except a wee bit, for this is about baby names - continuing on my earlier theme of kids.

Last week I met a friend, an investment banker. Our meeting took place over his shiny new Sony VAIO on the table between us, and he kept checking and updating his new,just two day old, latest version of O2 phone. Work over we then chatted about other things. His son who just finished his exams and who was getting a nice new music system for his room as a surprise! As we conversed, I could not fathom if, the pride shining in his face was for the 02 or for his son.

Which brings me to names. If technology is so wonderful how is it that we don't see anyone, and I mean anyone naming their new borns after the same. Why are baby names not given as IPOD, Playstation, Red Hat, Wired, Motorazr, 02. Or Bits if it is a girl and Bytes if it is a boy?

I do know that at least a few kids in North India named Apollo (Apollo Singh) after the space craft and in the south named Lenin and Marx. This was the parents way of either dedicating or demonstrating pride in the leaders, visions, achievements, milestones in history or memories.

But any baby names after technology leaders, achievements or products ? I am really curious.

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