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11 April 2007

My story, by Anupam Kher

I understand that blogs in Hindi,Chinese, Tamil languages are very popular and I understand why. The current total is 19 languages that google offers. On some days like today I wish I was also blogging in hindi or regional languages too along with English. Truly there are some thoughts, words and phrases that are best expressed in vernacular or very difficult to transalate from the local idiom.

For instance there is the line "Is mitti mein jaan hain" from the Birla White cement ad. What does that transalate to? This mud has life? This soil has soul? This earth is live? All technically correct maybe, but does it capture the emotion..uh..huh..

Last week I heard Anupam Kher narrating "My story" on a local radio station. Anupam Kher of course is known for his performance in Saaraansh as an old man struggling to get the ashes of his dead son and later in a range and variety of roles, including humour/comedy.

In Meri Kahani Meri Zubaan, he traced select vignettes of his life from childhood to the present, interspersed with a selection of songs. Anupam Kher has a voice that has timbre and training so it was easy on the ear and very interesting to listen. At one stage I almost said a- wah wah irshad. This was when he narrated the incident of his first experience on a shoot with Amitabh Bachchan. In Anupams own words, that was a phase when he was on a "high" with his success and throwing his weight around on the set.

As the weather was hot and he did not have an airconditioner, he was making a hullabaloo and telling everyone who was within ear shot about how he was a NSD trained actor etc. etc. He then chanced to see Mr. Bachchan sitting quietly in a corner, whom he had not noticed earlier. For the role he was dressed fully in clothes which included full trousers, shirt, shoes, jacket, muffler etc etc and Anupam was a little taken aback. Is this person sitting calmly waiting for the shoot call, the same Bachchan whose dialogue delivery has the entire country enthralled? For whom the country as a whole including him raised their hands and hearts in prayer when he was struggling for his life after a fatal accident.

Err.. Bachchan ji.. I don't have an a.c and it is really hot. Kya Aapko taklif nahin hoti? he enquired of him.

"Woh kya hain na Anupam, sochu to hoti hai. Nahi sochu, to nahin hota hain" was the wry reply he got from the Big B himself.

Anupam Kher shared this learning and also how he is an incurable optimist- as even a clock that has stopped is right twice a day! And, never mind what anyone says about it, being good or goodness, is always "in".

One of the song he selected was the "Ande ka Funda" from Jodi No.1 There is something very bollywoody, Indian, Mumbaiya flavour about this song with its goan folk song rhythm and pop philosophy (funda is such a colloquial term). I used to wonder why it was so popular but it is a catchy number and grows on you and seemed very appropriate on the show. To understand the difficulty I mentioned earlier, this song is a great example.

If there is a way to link the audio file of Meri Kahani here, do write in to me.


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