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10 April 2007

Brown nahin dadi, chocolate.

As you can see I have added google news feed and You Tube here. For the You Tube I have currently selected Indian ads as a keyword . Advertising and marketing fascinate me. They provide so much learning especially on culture and trends.Whether print, jingles or video, Indian or international - Ads are power packed capsules that provide fascinating insights, entertain and educate, irritate and inform and some times, even persuade me to try or buy.

For instance, lately the asian paints advert where the two little kids express how they do not want to eat old fashioned Amle ka Murabba (not happenning) but prefer chocolate wonderfully captures this agony with their polite upbringing that makes them devise a roundabout creative way of communicating to their granny who has come visiting. Or the supremely amusing, orbit white with the cow and the dentist of classic maharashtrian mannerisms. I laugh every time it I see it.

I don't see both of them here, but maybe the others will be good.

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