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14 March 2007

Breaking News or just broken

There are certain stories and news that just seems to disappear from the media as if it never existed, almost as if we imagined it -sometimes the power of google god helps track it but it is a chase. Let me explain. A couple of months ago, all the media channels both TV and print were all splashing the incident of the temple in Orissa, where the devotees were refused entry and the Supreme Court had to intervene- after which the priests shut the temple the next day. Do people of all strata of society now have entry and worship rights? Nothing since Jan 2007 on that. Then actually exactly on Mar 8, there was this report on a TV channel about a woman who was raped by four members of the law in Karnataka and her husband mishandled by them too. That too seems to be blanked out since. And Nithari? - overshadowed by the rogue dogs that mauled the child, who later died, in Bangalore? In the Madhur Bhandarkar movie Page 3, Konkana Sen, as a conscientious journalist story has her story, an expose on powerful men indulging in pedophile behavior, scuttled due to pressure of money and power on the editor. I agree it is a fine line between exposing the truth and responsible journalism that should be maintained, but I am sure no school of journalism recommends the way stories are left unfinished and reporting is left mid-way.

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