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10 March 2007

A tale of two cities - II

There is this magazine Stardust or Society I think, that had a section they called Rah Rah and Bah Bah or another with the same concept - where they use a 'crown on the head' or 'a kick in the rear' headline for people or incidents to admire or criticise.

Last week the headline of culling stray dogs in Bangalore made me so sick to my stomach that I immediately put the paper aside with alacrity comparable to an orthodox puritan brahmin who would put aside a plate of meat.

Today the Bombay High Court has suggested that housing societies in Mumbai adopt a stray dog or two, to look after them including their sterilisation. This was in response to petitions as a solution to the stray dog issue. A full bench is hearing various petitions for and against this issue. I thought it was an original, creative, lateral, compassionate suggestion as an alternate to knee jerk reaction of culling. If we have even a few souls with such intellect, India is in very very good hands. (Will it be adopted/implemented ? I don't know )

So Bah Bah Bangalore, Rah Rah Mumbai. Mumbai IS the better city. Just as bricks and walls only make a house but people make a home - the governance is tarnished, the infrastructure is damaged, but the people - they make Mumbai. And they are mostly OK. Warning : No room for complacency though!

Meanwhile I carefully avoid even eye contact with the black, mostly quiet, largely surly, bad tempered stray at the entrance of our complex where he sits alienated by the other more friendly ones within the complex and keep my fingers crossed he doesn't decide he doesn't like this person today.

I do wish though that the other two aspects of Mumbai would also improve- otherwise it is like someone saying, so what if I am smelly or my hair is unkempt, I am a handsome person beneath it all!

If that happens it'd be really so much easier to be proud of Mumbai meri jaan.

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