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14 March 2007

The power of love

I've been asked why I didn't include Mother Teresa in my list of post on womens day.

Maybe because I think of Mother Teresa as a saint first and not merely a woman, maybe not even human. India is a blessed country that she chose it as her karmabhoomi. In the debate that abounds around teaching a man to fish v/s giving him a fish, I am deeply influenced by Mother Teresa who reportedly told when asked her view on the topic, let me feed him, then you can take him for teaching. This is true specially when it concerns the poorest of the poor and who society has rejected, discarded, left uncared and unloved - the need for a missionary zeal.

Yet another one of her many gems of wisdom, a quote which inspires me greatly at work and out of it is- We may not do great things, but we do small things with great love.

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