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20 March 2007

Mobile Mania

I carry a mobile phone that by no stretch of definition is cutting edge. Strange how our perceptions change isn't it, considering when I got my first mobile phone, a phone with FM radio and camera was the ultimate - not just the next frontier. It was the wonderful Nokia with the jutting out aerial, sturdy and proven reputation for surviving any number of drops. It's innards would be all exposed and lie in shambles on a dusty Mumbai road and my heart would thump painfully with a OMG feeling, yet a quick assembling of the parts meant it just chugged on with no fuss. Though both features are available in my current phone, it lacks the gleaming looks of the new(er)models and sits quietly amidst it's more shiny peers, as now people judge you by the phone you own like earlier they'd measure you up by the amount of diamonds you wore on your fingers.

I gave up some time ago about owning newer & latest phone models -I thought of other things I'd like to spend the extra cash on. For a large part of the time a phone is just what it needs to do- connect me to people or web as the need may be. Just as a car is something that takes me from point A to B in some comfort -occasionally the cream leather interiors, wood finish dashboard and soft purring engine makes the journey special.

So it is no more a social and fashion statement. Even as I wish the blackberry owners would give up their attitude. In my experience it is slightly more when they qualify the statement with, Oh that...I have one cos my boss has given it to me and I am expected to be available 24X7- busy hence important and vice versa thingy. Is it as if a blackberry given by management places you on a slighly higher scale and a personal buy of the instrument is slighly lower on the social scale. Oh well-if I had one, I'd blog on the move maybe?

Phones now engage me for the mind boggling possibilities they offer in convergence and for someone who carries an old fashioned pudgy one, I read about them a lot and avidly follow Abhimanyu on gadget guru or the likes. It puzzles my family who don't understand my interest when it is not connected to shopping for it and alienates me from my more gadget groovy friends when I don't share their excitement on the "latest deals".

Seriously, Phones that allow you to answer the doorbell from wherever you are in the world, are girls spending more on gadgets or shoes, an Indian farmer who operates the water pump in his field with his cell phone- such and more stories are covered by the UK based web site which has information on mobile phones, industry news, discussion forums and more, but of course I just explained- I really enjoy the news most. National Geographic and their camera phone book; Pillow phone; Phones for the elderly- the excitement never ends! I hope you catch it too.

Mad about mobiles? It depends.

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