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1 March 2007

Fill in the blanks

They say when something does not make sense, sleep over it. I did, it is the day after and the budget still does not make sense - may be because for most parts of the FM's speech I dozed off. I woke up everytime a snippet here and a snippet there caught my interest or intrigue. For instance he did mention something about beefing up ITI's and that too via a Public -Private partnership model.Then there was this token gesture to Munnabhai MBBS when he announced some grants for four Gandhi Ashrams. Then again I caught the word, "Green" and some reference to CFC and how India does not contribute to global warming but I must have again dozed off, cos I have no idea of the larger context or reference - just when I had perked up enough to see if was he going to announce some sops for environment, alternate energy sources etc. But nope. And as for the pet food story that has caught the nations fancy. Well for the most part at least in our house pets are members of the family and we feed/they eat the same food cooked for humans. With an odd pet food or dog biscuit reserved for a treat or the occasion for token gestures.(you know which involve self esteem issues like "I am a dog and hence priviliged to have my own packet of food, Neighbour Rufus has it, why can't I", etc kind of situations that may run the risk of causing grave psychological damage).But seriously may be I will work out the economics of the Rs.50 per kg biscuit,once I figure out which one it is, and pet food rebate, and see which wins. Yawn. Between watching the FM in the morning and Bani and Jai Walia romancing over Holi ke Ladoo in the evening a la Readers Digest article on- Does your marriage celebrate romance in everyday life?- my TV watching time was a complete washout. Pretty much like the budget.

P.S. The govt didn't need a budget to announce the MIN (Mutual Fund Investment number) so why did it need this forum to announce that PAN would be used. And by making rental and leased property costlier, does it encourage small businesses and budding entrepreneurs to relocate to SEZs or go out of business? What about the retail industry? "That" word did not come up, did I miss it too? So many gaps to figure out. That is why the teachers used to say don't sleep when the lecture is on.

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