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25 March 2007

Ekta Chalo Re

A friend who enjoys reading my posts called me to say so and enquired about my day-I responded with what I was doing at that moment- throwing way some stuff from a wrong furniture decision taken earlier. The next query was why my blog does not contain all such stuff. Isn't that what is a blog? What you ate, people you met, where you went and what you did during the day- an online diary?

I smiled at the comment as I explained about it being a publishing tool and the various tools and techniques of the blogger community, comments, networks, links, technorati. At the end of it I got a...gosh- sounds a little like a cult !

Even as I am still smiling at the memory of the conversation and it may seem to be very back to basics –I thought I'd post this entry on all about blogs for some readers are not members of the "cult”. (One man's community is another mans cult! )

Meanwhile I walk alone. But we are all connected - by technology and in consciousness. Vasudeva Kutumbam - we are the world.

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