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16 February 2007


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A crime -based programme on the small screen deals with the topic of a small team of specialists, very young, snappily dressed, in a very sleek modern office with latest gadgets, each a qualified expert in fields of crime, high technology, criminal psychology and engaged in solving crimes. In one of the episodes, trying to solve a unsolved "serial killer" case the team is desperate for a clue or break and their only hope is a retired police officer who may have some recollection of the event. Something that he remembers and not documented in the case files.

As the team is urging him to remember, I was struck by the similarity by what in Knowledge Management is termed as TACIT knowledge. i.e. what is not explicit- or documented, noted or written anywhere. Only inside the brains/head of a person. Knowledge that can only be derived (or "harvested")by face to face interaction, mentoring and the like. Why am I using the context of crime here? What does Knowledge Management have to do with crime?

It is very interesting how the Government of Singapore has put KM to use in the various issues that the police force have to deal with. Subroto Bagchi, CEO of Mindtree consulting, writes a column in a business magazine and one of them titled "Singapore's thinking cop" describes more about this venture. It is a fascinating insight into how worldwide the KM practice is maturing with unusual and unique applications such as described in this article available at

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