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20 February 2007

Sun and Wind

In my earlier post on Mumbai, I'd said it is residents who should demand better facilities for green buildings, so it made me happy to read that a company in India manufactures a hybrid windmill based on solar and wind energy that ordinary citizens now use to cope with the current and future energy requirements and problems. It is laudable how a builder in Navi Mumbai, a satellite township has spent 7 laks to install one and he hopes to recover the cost in 3 years. Think of the grateful residents who will have at least enough energy for the lift (elevator) and building lights when there is load shedding. Not to mention such apartments may also claim a premium in future by buyers. Societies also get subsidies and tax breaks from the government - seems reasonably simple and do-able. Wonder what others are waiting for. If it was only lack of knowledge about good practices, hope this helps!

Meanwhile, the samjhauta train blast tragedy a day after I posted the item on shivaratri and tamas only demonstrates the stumbling blocks in the peace process.

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