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12 February 2007

People First

Old post of 2005:

July 2005 was a memorable month for many of us in Mumbai and will stay that way for long time due to the utter collapse of the city in what is now being referred to as 26/7. For readers who want to know where they would get detailed coverage of the "Week that was" on the internet, covered the disruption fairly widely with inputs from stranded citizens and photographs of the city.

My colleagues wanted me to write about how better knowledge and ways of managing it may have helped in either avoiding or managing the situation. Building and sustaining better cities via various programmes including knowledge based interventions has been going on for a significant time now with successful efforts not just globally but also within India in other cities.

How Knowledge Management practices affect the society we live in and the manner in which governments and citizens dialogue with each other, translates into interesting issues in e-governance, best practices and trends wherein governments, regulatory bodies and concerned groups across the world are using Knowledge Management techniques and technologies to provide citizens with better living.

One such effort, Bangalore based facilitates accountability of public funds and ward officers.

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