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16 February 2007

Om Namah Shivaya

Yesterday on Shivaratri, a holy day for many Hindus, in temples all over the country people were engaged in worship, but across the border it was a landmark day, for sixty years after the partition and independence, the bells at a Shiva temple near outside lahore in Pakistan rang.

The foundation for the temple was laid by LK Advani when he visited Pakistan and a result of the committment given by the Pakistan government and the final work was the result of many months of renovation and after a group of archeaologists and advisors from Punjab University visited Kashi Vishwanath, other Shiva and famous temples in India to study them. The BJP spokesperson I saw on TV looked visibly moved at the sincerity of Pervez Musharraf the Pakistan president as he praised him for keeping his word. A group of people from Delhi who had also gone to the temple to worship on the occasion returned with emotion writ large on their faces as they vowed on national television to communicate how affectionately they were treated. I thought I'd do my two bit too in helping them spread the message. Music, movies, art and culture has always seen as building bridges and not barriers. When religion is also viewed in this light, truly we may approach the "peace beyond understanding".

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