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11 February 2007

No more packaged dahi

I recently came back after a slightly extended stay away from India. While I enjoyed my time away would be an understatement, as always I also returned with an appreciation of what I'd like to hold on to and as silly as it may sound, one of them is home made dahi. I hugely appreciate the value of instant dahi- who hasn't agonised over dahi not set well or not set at all on a cold winter day or worse still wating to make a quick dish or entertain guests and not have dahi - the only option being a neighbourhood Dairy farm (and not very hygenic at that) if open. But the charm and taste of dahi jammaved at night , fresh in the morning or set in morning to eat at dinner is a flavour that is so fresh and so Indian and so much at variance with fast food, quick meals and a hurried culture. So while the shopping mall shelves are bedecked with packaged dahi and flavoured yoghurts, and as a harried, working, professional woman, I was a happy buyer of it all, I think I will make the effort to reject it for some more time as possible and instead stick to home-made dahi. No more packaged dahi for me.

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