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14 February 2007

Knowledge is good, knowledge is valuable

A sense that increasingly society would be divided not merely between "rich" and "poor"- but between "information rich" and "information poor"- is what sowed my interest in creating value out of information. Today information is a valued and traded resource like any other commodity and used to create more value in almost all commercial and business endeavors.

The earliest and most enduring of efforts of using information as a resource are libraries; whether in ancient Alexandria or in modern software code. Speaking of libraries,I wish to share this nugget I came across.

A Swedish library project that allows you to "borrow" a real live human being rather than a book may provide some useful insights as it enables people to come face-to-face with their prejudices in the hopes of altering their pre-conceived notions. The library authorities state, that sometimes when you hear peoples prejudices, one realises that they are just uninformed. The "Living Library project" as it is called and that has already begun had nine people who were available at the library for members of the public to "borrow" for a 45-minute conversation in the library's outdoor cafe. Maybe not all journalists are "know it all " and sensationalists and not all animal rights activists are angry and intolerant, but intelligent and committed", continued the library official. If the project is a success, the library may run it again later too.

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