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19 February 2007

I Believe in India

While studying for my IS degree,we were told about online databases, Medline, DIALOG and such. For a group of students in a country that still did not even have any government or independent ISP in the country, it was only theory. Though of course we had access to the wonderful work that was going on even in those days by ERNET in linking universities and such. Even as the class dismissively pipped to the lecturer, saying " this is only theory, we will never get it in India", I remember my sole lone voice saying "It will. It may take time but it will. It may take ten years but it will." Even as I said it, I never had any inside information or special insights but neither did I have any doubts at all. I am so happy that I was proved right and wrong. Right in the sense that of course India soon became part of the global digital map and wrong that it did not take ten years, it took less than seven. Today the number of ICT initiatives, not just in the private sector but in governement and development takes my breath away with delight.

Not to mention as a simple individual user and citizen I am delighted with the choices (choice.... that magical word!) which I finally have as a user- that of being able to select my ISP vendor! I am truly proud of my country- with all its problems and despite it- we made it.

Now medline and other databases are not just in the realm of Information Sciences, a subject to study. Doctors in rural areas are using tele-medicine to deliver services such as pioneering work by Dr. Devi Shetty in Karnataka. sterling work such as this reflects the faith of all who believe in India.

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