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17 February 2007

From Darkness to Light

A friend suggested a movie to watch as Parzania but I declined. War and violence based movies have never been my favorite. I cannot handle the gory scenes and have nightmares for days on end. I still haven't recovered from what I think is one of the most influential movie/tv serial in my life,Tamas which starred Deepa Sahi. Whatever little interest I had in public life and politics I completely lost after the way the movie depicted how facts and truth can be and are rigged and distorted. Tamas was many years ago. The issues are still very similar so I hope the new generation does not miss it. Tamaso mah Jyotirgamahya- lead us from darkess into light.

I am looking forward though, to Honeymoon Travels ltd. a new release- sounds like fun and in the promos I have seen this scene with kay kay menon I think, lying on the floor waving his legs in the air in some kind of dance, to a very catchy number -very infectious energy.

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